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A simple and powerful oAuth service which provides you with user credentials without the need for a callback url.

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Use cases

Use cases

AuthBird can be used for different use cases, here are some examples.

  • Plugins

    Plugins usually run in an iFrame inside another application and do not have a callback url. If you are making Figma or Miro plugins, this is the perfect solution.

  • CLI Tools

    Tools and apps running in the terminal also require a special type of login flow. With AuthBird this is possible without any hassle.

  • Any other service

    AuthBird can be used for any type of application or service, even if there is a callback url. With the simeple setup, you can quickly start without having to create and maintain your own oAuth server.

System flow

Use cases

The diagram shows how AuthBird works.

Diagram of how AuthBird works